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About Us

Midunu is a lifestyle company with an eye towards celebrating Africa's cultural and culinary heritage.  Before starting to eat a meal, Ewe people say, ‘Midunu’, which means ‘Let us eat’, inviting all those present to partake in the food which we are blessed to have.  Our goal is to create experiences where culture, community and cuisine intersect, reminiscent of earlier times while creating new memories.

We achieve this goal through the following engagements:

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Our Chef

The creative force behind Midunu is Chef Selassie Atadika who from a young age, could be found in the kitchen, grinding 'pepe', not too far from her mother's apron strings.  This culinary interest, from her Ghanaian roots, has evolved through time spent and meals sampled in the US, Europe, and countless countries in all the corners of Africa.  After years of self-teaching in the culinary arts, she completed course work at the Culinary Institute of America.  A founding member of Trio Toque, the first nomadic restaurant in Dakar, Senegal, she has brought her innovative approach to African cuisine back home to Ghana to introduce them through Midunu, a nomadic dining concept featuring what she calls New African Cuisine.


Our Cuisine

Though our menus are heavily West African, we integrate some of the flavor profiles across the continent to bring to you the essence of these culinary delights with our spin on these classics.  We hope to enrich the flavors which you may already know and (re)introduce them to you in a new way.  In our cooking, we select local and seasonal ingredients along with some of the more traditional grains and proteins to translate Africa’s bounty to the table.  You will also notice offal, slow cooking and bold flavors. We hope to bring new value in some of the often overlooked ingredients from the region.  For us, eating is a celebration of food’s origins, the paths it travels on the way to our tables, and the people whom it brings together through the journey.  Our meals tell the story of the places we have been, the cultures which we have interacted with and the people whom we have had the pleasure to meet.  We hope you enjoy our interpretation.


Midunu House

Midunu House is a bespoke indoor/outdoor event space tucked away in residential Tesano in a lush garden surrounded by trees and plants where you can still hear birds chirping.  The venue is open for private events, outdoor weddings, receptions, exhibitions, productions, corporate and private parties.  You will be transported to a place where Africa's cultural heritage meets contemporary African style and elegance.   

The outdoor gardens are the perfect location for alfresco dining, cocktail parties, milestone events, launches and client an/or team experiences while the interior is perfect for an private dinner, board meeting, working lunches or dinners.

Our interior is tastefully decorated with African art and textiles from journeys through out the continent and can be adapted to suit various types of events while our garden can be used as is or transformed by our event coordinator to achieve the vision of our clients.

Our gardens can accommodate a standing cocktail reception of up to 300 guests, seated dinner for 200 while our intimate terrace and interior can seat up to 30  and has 2 breakout rooms.

Midunu House is located within easy access of the N1.


On and Off Site Dining

Do you have an upcoming event which you would like to make unforgettable?  We would like to help you make that happen.  Midunu specialize in dining experiences with signature cocktails and elegant passed hors d'oeuvres.  For the main event, say no to 'scoop and plop' buffets.  Guests remain seated, deep in conversation as we bring their meals to the table in breath-taking presentations, either individually plated or family style platters.


Nomadic Dining

Our pop ups are a monthly nomadic eating experience where dinners and lunches ‘pop-up’ in different locations in and around Accra offering a multi-course menu.  Our goal is to create a true culinary experience for foodies while meeting new people and experiencing new places of Accra.  We are passionate about serving thoughtful meals and giving diners the chance to widen their social networks. We carefully place people around the dinner table so that you are equally as likely to have fun talking to people you came with, or strangers who came alone or in other groups.

As seating is limited for these intimate dinners, please join our mailing list and be one of the first to know about our next event.  Reservations are first come, first served and are managed online.  For more information about our nomadic events, please check out our frequently asked questions or the menu for our next nomadic experience.