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Made in Ghana · Chef Crafted

We make artisanal, handcrafted chocolates using Ghanaian cocoa and featuring the flavors and essences of Africa. 

meet chef Selassie Atadika

Award Winning Chocolate

We are honoured to have won several international awards for our chocolate produced at the source of the world's best cocoa1

Chocolate Alliance Awards 2021

Drinking Chocolate: Gold - Adwoa Drinking Chocolate

Best Confections: Silver - Kukua Triple (moringa and white chocolate)

In The News

"Telling the African story through chocolate"

"using chocolate as a means to highlight Africa’s different flavor profiles"

"In the past month, Selassie Atadika...has helped cook dinner for 500 people in Amsterdam for World Food Day, given a talk at a chefs conference in Galway, Ireland, and introduced her spice-scented chocolates at Paris’s Salon du Chocolat—all before flying to the United States to deliver a lecture at Harvard."

"The Ghanaian chef taking Africa’s bold flavours to the world"

"...she’s paying tribute to the diverse flavors of the continent through her truffles, which come in flavors like Cape Malay curry, Ethiopian berbere, and Moroccan mint tea and are made from single-origin Ghanian cacao by an all-female team of chocolatiers."

"Be sure to try the Almaz, a bonbon filled with milk chocolate ganache infused with berbere spice, and the Thando, a dark chocolate shell filled with rooibos tea-infused white chocolate.”

“…a gift box of vibrantly colored artisanal chocolates, brings the continent’s wide range of flavors — spicy, sweet, earthy, mellow, salty — to your doorstep.”


“Despite its dedication to honoring tradition, Midunu reinvents chocolates for the future of Africa.”

“...arguably, the most alluring and freshest offering from Midunu is her African-spiced hot chocolate mixture, ADWOA Dark Drinking Chocolate with Spice. It’s sultry, rich and flavorful…”