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This truffle layers the delicate flavor of moringa with a white chocolate ganache infusion. It is then rolled in the green powder of the moringa plant


White chocolate ganache is infused with the perfect pairing of an earthy green tea and refreshing mint, then drenched in dark chocolate. You'll swear you're in Morocco!


Your palate will be refreshed by this combination of lemongrass and ginger infused white chocolate ganache, all wrapped in dark chocolate.


Midunu's proprietary blend of spices takes showy red flowers to another level with an infusion of white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate. You'll enjoy this treat whether you call these crimson flowers bissap, hibiscus, sorrel, sobolo, or zobolo.


Introducing you to scent leaf, a wonderfully herbaceous variety of basil from West Africa infused in a white chocolate ganache, wrapped in dark chocolate


Get ready for the bright, tangy notes of sumac infused in milk chocolate, then enrobed in dark chocolate. North Africa’s souks are calling you


Tart, fruity and refreshing wild hibiscus petals are infused in white chocolate then drenched in dark chocolate for this exquisite bonbon


A floral blend of rose petals and herbs shine through our white chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate


Get ready for the wonderful textures of toasted coconut, orange blossom water and milk chocolate ganache for an enticing combination


We merge quintessential Egyptian spices with milk chocolate and came up with magic befitting of this majestic truffle


Milk chocolate ganache infused with an elegant blend of north african spices reminiscent of za’atar


An unparalleled experience where sweet meets salty. Preserved lemon is blended with milk chocolate then wrapped in dark chocolate for a sublime sensory experience